The Omnivault: Chapter 24.

Written: Monday. February 3, 2020.

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7 min readFeb 4, 2020


Toby and his friends, as well as Lady Veergha and Ervagh, headed out to the clear area beside his house. Omnius brought along his pet frog and took him out of the cookie jar he was in.

“Go play with your friends, Macrodon.” Omnius called out to the frog. “Just don’t hop off too fa — hey look! Another snail dude! There are a lot of you guys here.”

Toby pointed out towards where he woke up yesterday. “See those burnt bushes over there? That’s where I ended up in when the episode finally stopped.”

“But you can remember what happened prior?” Ervagh asked.

“Bits and pieces, really.” Toby answered. “I can’t remember much of the things I said or did. I don’t remember if it was even me who was doing all of the talking back there. It was like I was possessed or something.”

“You must remember at least something from our mind-breach.” Lady Veergha said to Toby. “When we had linked, I saw a different version of the vision you mentioned prior to the breaching.”

“Really?” Toby asked her. “Like what?”

“I saw Ervagh amongst the people in the wreckage.” Lady Veergha said.

“Me?” Ervagh asked. “How so, My Queen?”

“You were in your Terran form, and you were lifeless. Such a thing as that has never happened before.” Lady Veergha said.

“Quite so, My Lady. I can’t quite recall a time of me dying.” Ervagh said to her.

“No, you gink. I meant that mind-breaches don’t work like that. It never mixes different elements into the memories; much more — elements based off of the one who performed the breaching.”

“If I did remember something,” Toby interrupted. “It’d be that vision of me slicing through a bunch of people running away from me, screaming. There were three moons in the night sky. And a ruined city, covered in these white threads or something, I dunno.”

“Volga IV.” Lady Veergha said. “Three moons — that’s Volga IV; an insectoid planet. That was before I was given the title of Warrior Queen for my triumphant trouncing over the insectoids living in that world.”

“So that was you I was seeing?” Toby asked her. “That was you killing those people?”

“Insects.” Lady Veergha corrected. “This proves my point.”

“What?” Toby was confused. “How does that prove your point?”

“Toby,” Drew said to him. “Yesterday, back in the ship, we were talking about how you ended up doing all of those things, like heating up your hands or jumping so high and making a hole on the roof of the ship’s ceiling.”

“Which you’ll be paying for, if I might add.” Ervagh said to Toby. “I just don’t know what with, yet. Your currency isn’t of much value to us, see.”

“Anyway,” Drew continued, “Lady Veergha proposed that it might’ve been a two-sided mind-breach. She was able to reach your memories, while you were able to do the same with her while the mind-breach was happening.”

Toby looked towards his house. He was recalling that dream he had last night. The one with the alien children, and the two grown up aliens that were arguing with each other. Then he remembered something from the dream sequence that happened after wards. We have to trust that it can be possible! He repeated Mara’s word in his head. What if those were Veergha’s memories that I saw? “We need to do the breach again.” he says to Lady Veergha.

“What?” June looked at Toby. “Toby, we don’t know if it’ll help — “

“Look.” Toby interrupted her. He had raised his hand a little towards her, and remembered what it could do. So he quickly set it down, and moved away a bit from June and everybody else. “I can’t control whatever it is that’s happening to me. Or at least, I don’t know if I can. But I’m not gonna wait around and do a test run. If I do the breach with Miss Victoria again, I might get to transfer her powers back to her.”

“Or you could just end up seeing more of my memories,” Lady Veergha said. “and end up inheriting more of my prowess from all the planets we’ve conquered.”

“You have more super powers?” Tom asked Lady Veergha. “This, I wanna see.”

“They’re not super powers.” Ervagh explained to Tom. “More like souvenirs from the planets we get to conquer.”

“That only makes it sound worse.” Amanda said.

“Worse could be war trophies.” Drew added. “I don’t know if I wanna see that.”

“Bottom line, Tobias,” Lady Veergha said. “I won’t do it for you. That would deal too much of a risk.”

“So, what?” Toby asked. “Am I just gonna have to live my whole life with these powers? I could burn the entire village if I get out of hand again. What if I hurt somebody? What if I hurt everybody, huh? Of course, you wouldn’t care if that happens. I bet you’d actually be glad that somebody else is gonna do all the killing for you!

“Hey. Stop!” June tried to say to Toby. But looking into his eyes — eyes that were already glowing red — she wasn’t sure if it was still Toby she was calling out to. His eyes weren’t really raging with anger. It was almost like he was actually afraid.

“What’s so wrong about your past that you don’t want us to see, huh Veergha?” Toby’s voice was not his. It was something much darker. “Oh, that’s right. Veergha isn’t even your real name, is it?

“What are you talking about?” Ervagh questioned him. “Lady Veergha, what is he talking about?”

“I — I don’t know, Ervagh.” Lady Veergha answered him. She looked at the thing that looked like Toby. His arms were glowing red and he was breathing heavily. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, I saw more than that pitiful planet, Volga IV. Or was it called Gatoprim V? Back before the Empire killed all those Gatoprimians?” Toby noticed that his feet weren’t touching the floor anymore. “I guess these magma hands weren’t the only thing I got from you after all. What do you think Korevaen and Koriava would think of their precious little daughter? Poor sweet little Veergha, beaten by a child of Earth. You don’t even know your own name!”

And with this, Toby quickly raised his hands directly toward Lady Veergha, and shot a strong burst of energy in front of him. Tom and the others ducked down and went to the sides. Lady Veergha took a side step far enough not to get hit by the coming fire blast, and looked around her to see what she could work with. She took a bunch of seeds from the ground and held it inside her hand. Toby struggled to keep himself in the air, so he was slowly putting himself back down to the ground, while charging up his hands for another attack.

Lady veergha seemed to be concentrating on the small seeds she was carrying in her hand. “I haven’t done this in a while.” She said to herself. “Never wanted to inherit these back then. But here goes nothing.” As soon as she was done talking to herself, the seeds in her hand grew and enveloped her whole body like a bunch of roots crawling on a wall. Then the roots became more solidified, and turned into armor, encasing Lady Veergha as if she were wearing protective gear all around her. Lady Veergha formed a shield out of the remaining seeds in her hand, and a sword in the other. “You haven’t seen everything I’ve got just yet, Tobias.”

The others looked at her and to each other. Ervagh was smiling at her Queen, almost as if he was getting excited cause of what’s currently happening. “Show the Terran who’s boss, My Lady!”

“Hate to break it to you, dude.” Tom said to him. “But Fire-type beats Grass-type ten out of ten times. Basic.”

“This isn’t Pokemon.” Amanda said.

“Yeah, but still — “

“What in Dear God’s name is happening!” Tom and the others looked behind them, and saw Lily standing there, shocked. “I heard a loud noise while I was making the next batch of cookies and — Oh my goodness, why is Toby’s hands on fire!”

Lady Veergha pushed forward so quickly that Toby didn’t get to move at all. She tackled him with her wooden shield and sent him hurtling down a few feet back. Toby regained his balance and lunged at Lady Veergha, grabbing her by her armor and sending them both flying upwards into the sky. While they were ascending, Toby tried to burn the wood covering Lady Veergha’s body. But the roots just kept on growing and enveloping Lady Veergha’s body.

Veergha waved her sword towards Toby, but he immediately breaks it using one of his magma hands.

“That won’t work on me.” Toby said to her.

“But I bet this would.” Lady Veergha concentrated, and more roots started enveloping them both like it was forming a sphere around the two of them. She hesitated, but soon enough placed her hand on Toby’s forehead.

End of Chapter.