The Omnivault: Chapter 20.

Written: Friday. January 3, 2020.

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When Lady Veergha returned to her state of consciousness, she saw that she was lying down. Tom and Drew had caught her right before she fell. Her mind was still trying hard to grasp the current state of things, since she’s only performed a mind-breech with a human for quite a few times. This one in particular had a different sensation for her.

“You two can let go of me now.” Lady Veergha told the two boys.
“What? You getting weak on your knees because of me?” Tom asked her.
“Save it.” Drew said. “What happened back there? What did you do with Toby?”
“My Queen performed a connection of minds on your friend.” Ervagh explained.
“If only that was the only thing that happened.” Lady Veergha picked herself up.
“How do you mean, My Lady?” Ervagh asked her.

Lady Veergha looked at him, as if she saw a ghost. That vision. She thought to herself. Why were you in that vision? Then she looked around the room, searching for Toby. She noticed the two girls facing backwards from her. Her eyesight was still a bit blurry, but she managed to shape out a figure standing in front of the two girls. It was Toby. His eyes were glowing red.

“Hey snap out of it, Egghead!” Amanda tried shaking Toby.
“What happened to him?” June asked Lady Veergha. “Why is his eyes like that?”
“Monstro!” Omnius blurted out.
“I almost forgot you were here, buddy.” Tom said. “But now’s not the time for Pinocchio references.”
“We have to leave.” Omnius went for the ramp. “I’m going to school!”
“A little vague, but that’s still a Pinocchio reference!” Tom picked Omnius up. “Damn. You’re a heavy metal boy.”
“He’s not yours.” a low voice said. Tom looked and saw that the voice came from Toby. “Hand him over.”
Tom looked at Lady Veergha, “I thought you tried helping him get over his insane fantasy.”
“No, I was — “ Lady Veergha tried to say, before she felt a strong force push her to the side. She hit the wall and looked back to see that Toby rushed forwards to grab hold of Omnius away from Tom’s hands. He succeeded easily.
“Hey, let go of me! I wanna go home!” Omnius struggled to get out of Toby’s hold of him.
“Going home?” Toby’s said. His voice was a bit deeper than usual. “Now why would you do that? You’re here to help me save the world from the monster in my dreams, remember? I lost you the first time. I can’t let that happen again.
“Why’s he saying those things?” Drew asked Lady Veergha. “Why’s he acting like this?”
“He’s gone full nutcase, that’s why.” Tom replied. He tried to grab hold of Omnius from Toby. “Let go of Omnius, Tobes. You’re hurting him. Although I’m not sure if he even feels any kind of pain, actually.”
“Ow.” Omnius said unconvincingly, while being pulled back and forth by Tom and Toby. “That’s what you guys say when you’re in pain, right?”
“Dude,” Tom said to Omnius. “I swear.”
“I said,” Toby’s eyes glowed brighter as he spoke. “let him go!” And then all of a sudden, his arms started glowing red.
Tom had to let go of Omnius because of the heat that was radiating from Toby’s arms. “What the hell?”
“No,” Lady Veergha looked at Toby’s arms. “It can’t be!”
“Let me out of here!” Omnius yelled as he noticed Toby’s arms glowing red around him. “I gotta get out! You can’t — “

Toby crouches down, and leaps out of Lady Veergha’s space ship, leaving a giant hole on the ceiling. A bunch of alarms from the ship’s computer system started beeping in disharmony. It stopped just as quickly as well, and all the lights from inside the ship seemed to stop working. Ervagh moved quickly towards the ship’s main control panel, pushing several buttons, trying to see if any of them still worked; to no avail.

Ervagh faced Lady Veergha, and points toward the ship’s main ramp. “The boy knew that the exit was just right there, didn’t he, My Lady?”
Lady Veergha looked at the hole in the roof of her ship. “Impossible.” She said.
“How did he do that?” June asked Lady Veergha. “How did Toby do that?”
“He was he able to do the magma-hands thing that you were doing.” Amanda said to Lady Veergha.
“How did he jump so high like that?” Drew asked. Lady Veergha didn’t respond. She just stood there, still looking up at the sky peering down from the giant hole Toby left behind. I don’t understand.
“Hey…Hey!” Tom screamed at her to get her attention. “What did you do to our friend?”

He woke up in the empty lot beside his house. His clothes were torn apart. His mind was aching. His thoughts were all around the place; couldn’t anchor down to what was really happening. Until he saw that his hands were glowing red. Toby got up, raised his hands away from him, and tried to shake the glow away. But his hands remained as they were. So he clenched his fists, and tried to concentrate on them. They flickered a bit, but the red glow remained the same.

“What the hell is happening to me?” Toby asked himself.
“I would say, ‘be careful what you wish for’.” Omnius was standing on the pavement. “Since you said you wanted to be an alien or something like that.”
“Why are my hands like this?” Toby asked Omnius, “It’s like what Miss Victoria was doing with her own hands.”
“Or you’ve turned into an alien.” Omnius added.
“Or I’ve turned into an alien.” Toby repeated. “This is like the first episode of Ben 10. When Ben turned into Heatblast. Only that I’m not fully baked to a cinder and have flames coming out on all parts of my body.”
Toby looked around, dismissing that comment. “Where is everybody?”
“You took off and left them, remember?” Omnius replied. “Your eyes were as red as your hands. And you were saying all of these weird stuff about me saving the world from a monster in your dreams. It kind of reminded me of — “
“Of what?” Toby asked.
“ — I can’t remember.” Omnius said. Then he saw a snail trying to eat a leaf from the bushes. “Oh, sweet! I haven’t seen one of these guys in a while!” and skips off towards the snail.

Tom and Drew were trying to bust open the ship’s main ramp. Since the ship was damaged, the controls didn’t work. That’s why they had to manually break out of the ship in order to get some fresh air, which the ship was starting to lack. Ervagh opened up a few parts of the ships control panel to see if he could manage to fix it up. Lady Veergha remained silent, but went along with trying to bust open the ship. Amanda helped as well. June sat down on one chair and tried to maintain her breathing. The lack of air made it hard for her to breath especially.

It took an hour and a half, before the ramp was lowered down enough for all of them to get out. Once all of them were outside of the ship, Tom lead them to the nearest sari-sari store. He bought a couple of sodas and passed it along to his friends, and also to the Lady and Ervagh. They were reluctant at first, but due to their human-disguise — which also came with having to endure human-like nervous systems — they eventually succumbed to their hunger for human nutrients, and drank the carbonated drink. Ervagh finished his in a matter of seconds.

“This Terran fluid is quite refreshing, I must say.” Ervagh gave the soda bottle back.
Tom smiled at him. “Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you may be, when you think of refreshment, think of ice-cold Coca-Cola!
“Indeed, I will, Terran Thomas.” Ervagh replied.
“Dude,” Drew said to Tom. “You could’ve just gone with, ‘Things go better with Coke’.”
“Can’t stop me from making the deep cuts, Andy.” Tom replied.
“Andy?” June asked, smiling at Drew.
“It’s what Tom calls me sometimes,” Drew explained to her. “Which I’ve told a million times not to.”
“So are we actually gonna talk about what happened awhile ago?” Amanda finished her drink. “I mean, what are we doing right now? We should be looking for him! He’s got Omnius. We can’t just sit around and — “
“Jesus, chill out, Mandy.” Tom said. “We’re just here to regain our strength after busting open that ship. And we haven’t actually had a decent snack aside from the mints Ervagh gave us.” he then proceeded to buy a Jumbo Stik-o can, and passed it to her. “A little ‘Thank You’ would be nice next time.”
“Sorry.” Amanda heard her stomach hurl at the sight of the Stik-o can, so she opened it and ate one. “Thanks.”
“Might I also try out this Terran sustenance, Terran Thomas?” Ervagh asked.
“Be my guest.” Tom says. But Amanda nudges him with her elbow. “Ow! I mean — but first, you two have some explaining to do. Like what happened to Toby back there?…and then you can taste the Stik-O.”

End of Chapter.



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