The Omnivault: Chapter 16.

Lady Veergha lead the five students downstairs while raising her glowing red hand towards them, in case any one of them attempted to run away from her. Once they arrived at the ground floor, students and teachers were out and about of their classrooms, wondering what in blazes was happening while at the same time trying to fall in line or even be able to form a line, and were headed to Gate A’s main evacuation space; a typical and very normal scenario of a fire incident around the school campus.

Lady Veergha, still in her “Miss Victoria” human form, seemed to blend really well in this situation, looking as though she was ‘guiding’ five students towards safety, from the fire that she herself made.

“These Terrans around your so called ‘Maharlika High’ are quite dense.” Miss Victoria said, her hand still raised.
“Yeah,” Toby replied, “Says the alien who doesn’t know how to operate an artificial intelligence — that isn’t even that intelligent.”
“Hey, I heard that!” Omnius was inside of Toby’s backpack again.
“Enough of that!” Miss Victoria stopped walking and faced the five of them. “I don’t want to hear anything from any of you until we arrive at the ship.”
“But we could still talk to ourselves?” Tom said, following behind Toby. “I mean, if you don’t want to start a conversation, the five of us could at least talk to each oth — “
“The only reason why I’ve refrained from obliterating you all into ashes yet,” Miss Victoria’s glowing hand was just a few inches away from Tom’s face, “is because I have no clue as to what effect it might bring to the talking pyramid that you have befriended. It might scream or yell for help, for all I know. And that would alert the other Terran Teachers in this school. We can’t have that, now can we?” Tom gave her a nod before she continued, “I’m already struggling to keep this Terran-transformation at bay. So double the pace, children! So that we can get you to safety!” She says out loud, so as not to alert any of the students and teachers that were passing by. The glow from her hand started to diffuse.
“That’s hot.” Tom says to Miss Victoria. “Your hand, I mean.”
“What did I say?”
“Right. No talking.”

All six of them headed their way to Gate B. The Guard patrolling that station notices them and asks Lady Veergha where they were going, to which she replied that they were conducting a school project. The Guard looks at the five students, nods back at Lady Veergha, and proceeded to lower his Guard hat. A few seconds later, he was yawning in his desk. Lady Veergha looked at Toby, with a smile on her face that clearly translates as I Told You So. Toby just rolls his eyes.

A few minutes of walking later, they arrive at the abandoned lot where Tom encountered the metal ball. Lady Veergha proceeded to walk towards the lot. She stood in a particular spot, and started knocking on the air. Each knock produced a sound similar to that of hitting a metallic surface. A few seconds later, the five students stepped back a little, as a huge alien-like structure suddenly appeared right in the middle of the abandoned lot. It was shaped familiarly like that of a spaceship. Only this one had a more rounded body, shorter wings, and a shorter tail wing. It was covered in some sort of reptilian-scale looking decal, much like the scales the two aliens had when Toby and the others first met them. Ironically, at this exact same location.

“If we weren’t being held hostage,” Toby said, looking at the now visible spaceship. “I would totally be flipping out right now.”
“How did we not see that a few days ago?” June asked.
“Cause you’re wearing glasses.” Tom replied.
“What do you think the glasses are for, dummy?”
“I mean look at that thing!” Toby continued, not paying attention to Tom and June’s conversation. “That’s solid proof of life on other planets! Just imagine the possibility of there being an infinite amount of alien species travelling across the galaxy!”
“This guy,” Amanda nudged at Drew. “ramblings of a mad lad, amirite?”
“Let him be.” Drew replied to her. “We’ve got other problems.”
“At least this one’s got some sense in him.” Lady Veergha approached the group. “Now, get in the ship. All of you.”

The belly of the spaceship opened up, producing a ramp. A humanoid figure appeared, coming from inside of the structure. It looked human; A male human. He had a human’s face, with a nose, two eyes, a mouth, hair, two ears on each side. He looked like a regular adult with the growing facial hair that he had. His complexion was similar to that of Toby’s; brown, but not too brown. The only thing off about him was his eyes. They were glowing green.

“Ah, there you are, Ervagh.” Lady Veergha called out. “I almost didn’t recognize you.”
“As with you, my lady.” Ervagh replied, “These are the Terran young-lings from the other night, I presume?”
“Yes, Ervagh. I have them, and the orbs that they possessed. Which for some reason, have been turned into a talking pyramid of some sort.”
“His name is Omnius!” June hooted.
“What did I say?” Miss Victoria looked back at her. “Just get in the ship already!”

The ships interior looked bigger on the inside. There were seats on the sides, window panels above the walls, and a large round table in the middle of the ship. The whole interior was somewhat just one big room. There were a lot of buttons on one side of the ship. Must’ve be the cockpit. When everyone was finally inside, the ramp closed behind them.

“Why bring them here, my Lady?” Ervagh asked his superior. “Why not just obliterate them at once and get on with our search for the other orbs?”
“Because these Terrans have not chosen to speak the truth as of yet, Ervagh.” Lady Veergha replied. She looks at Toby, “Bring out the pyramid, boy.” Toby follows her command, brings Omnius out of his backpack, and puts him on the round table. “Now, show us how it works. And then I’ll obliterate you.”
“Oh, come on. This again?” Toby takes a seat on one of the alien chairs. “How many times am I gonna tell you that we have no idea how Omnius works! This talking metal-pyramid-of-Giza-ripoff right here doesn’t know anything from his past, doesn’t know anything about the world around him, and I could assume he only absorbs information on a first-grade level, which is not that amazing!”
“I know all seven colors of the Rainbow!” Omnius said. “The color Red. The color Green. The color Blue — “
“See what I mean?”

Ervagh gazed upon the pyramid, observing every metallic side of the object before him. “How come it is in a triangular form, Terran? Tell me what you’ve done with it.”
“We merged the two of them.” Amanda stepped in to reply. “It used to be a metal disc and a metal ball. We tried holding both pieces together, and then all of a sudden, both pieces became one. Taking the form of a pyramid.”
“He started talking shortly after.” Drew continued.
“To which I just wish should have never happened at all.” Toby folded his arms and crossed his legs. “The moment he started speaking was when everything started to make no sense.”
Ervagh scratched his goatee, “Maybe we should try merging it with the orb that I found.”
Lady Veergha looks at him, “You found an orb, Ervagh?”
“Oh, yes, my Lady.” Ervagh replied. He goes to a corner of the ship and takes out a small orb. “I found it while you were away on that Terran institution.”
“How’d you find one, dude?” Tom asked the alien-man.
“There was this one Terran that possessed this particular piece.” Ervagh was holding the orb up, as if he was showing off an award of some sort. “It took a while for my locator to work, you see. I honestly didn’t know if it would work at all. Also took quite a while before I was able to do away with the little Terran young-ling. Looked much like yourselves, that one. Though I can’t quite tell. You Terrans all look similar.”
“Hey, man!” Tom yelled. “That’s racist!”
“What did you mean by ‘do away’?” Drew asked Ervagh.
“Ah, Ervagh! You never fail to amaze me.” Lady Veergha took the orb from Ervagh’s hand. She looked at Drew. “We speak your language, child. All because of this pitiful atmosphere of yours. What do you think it means?” She moved towards the pyramid, and settled the orb she was holding down beside it.
Drew looked at his friends. “That could’ve meant something else, right?”
“It means he killed someone, Drew.” Toby said, his friends looking at him. “In cold blood too, Maybe. All for a stupid orb — “

The orb suddenly started glowing. It started enveloping the pyramid, becoming one with the pyramid. It stopped glowing, and became —

“a square!” Tom yells!
“no, a rectangle!” Amanda yelled back.
“He’s growing limbs!”
“Wait ’til you see this!” Omnius replied…with his mouth! “Look at me! I’ve got a face now! I got arms and legs, too!”
“Aw!” June joined in. “He looks just like a cute robot from that new cartoon show I’ve been watching!”
Omnius moved around the round table. “I can move! I can walk!”
“Oh god,” Toby said. “Here we go again.”



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