The Monsters Look Just Like Us | Short Story # 10

Written: Thursday. October 29, 2020.

Elmo's Universe
2 min readOct 29, 2020


In the year 20XX, we were told that alien life has invaded our planet. I was about three years old, but I vaguely remember there being strange floating discs all around the sky one day. It wasn’t a dream, cause the rest of my childhood consisted of older people telling me the same thing. “The monsters are people. The monsters look like us, and act like us. But they are not human. They are monsters.” They kept saying that I should prepare for the day when I meet my monster. If it happened, they’d remove me from this world and take my place.

That sounds like a losing battle to me, so when I grew up, I started looking for these monsters. If the aliens have invaded, but are hiding right now among us, that would mean that they look like us. They’ve taken our forms and are wandering different parts of the world with our faces, in our image.

I’m just saying these things because that was what we were taught in the academy. “The aliens look like you, but they live different lives, and live in different countries.” My proctors said to us. “You probably won’t even see them in your lifetime.”

But the thing is: we don’t know if they live the same lifespan as we do. For all we know, they live two or maybe three times our lifespan. They’re just waiting for all of us to die, and when we do, they take our place, and everyone else will just shrug it off cause they can’t find the human counterpart anymore.

Well not for me. I’ve been training my whole life for the day when I get to see my twin. When that day comes…well, let’s just say that day is finally here. I’m looking right at myself.

These aliens are too clumsy. Too basic and easy. You know the simple thing where people assume that when you dig down from America, you get to China, or some weird thing like that. Right now, I’m in the country directly underneath where I come from. And here that motherfucker is, living his life in my image for god knows how long it’s been.

Like, how do they even get to scan our faces like that? Aliens and their advance tech, probably.

He lives in a house with people who I’m not sure are also aliens. Probably, probably not. If so, I won’t tamper with them. I’ll only focus on myself, and deal with the others later.

My twin’s a student, still. It’s weird, cause he kinda looks five years younger than what I look like right now. That’s what makes it harder. To an outsider’s perspective, this alien isn’t doing any harm or whatever. They’re just living human lives.

But we didn’t ask for that to happen. So that’s where my moral compass lies.

My plan of attack is simple. Act like I’m who my twin is portraying, and infiltrate his place.

That’ll shake him up.

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