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Written: Monday. February 17, 2020.

Went to SM San Lazaro today. Just about what I was able to do that was out of the ordinary for my every day life. It wasn’t even un-ordinary, I guess. I go to malls every once in a while. But I haven’t done that recently, so there, it’s un-ordinary.

I’ve turned into this deformed, hermetic, out-of-social-media, unproductive, unfit, shell of a man. Haven’t been exercising, haven’t fixed anything when it comes to my previous Medium posts. I’m finding it harder and harder and harder to get my writing done. I’ve said this before, and I’m saying it again: I need to fucking write more of these journal entries. It is essential to my mojo. It is the foundation of what gets me pumped up whenever I need to write a new chapter of my current story (The Omnivault).

Did I make a journal entry last week? Can’t remember. It’s been too infrequent for me to keep up with this thing. I wanna change it, by the way. The title of this journal, I mean. I’ve been thinking of changing it to “Inner Machinations” once I’ve written about a hundred entries.

I probably will change it once I get to a hundred. It’ll be the second serial of the journal, or blog, or whatever.

I haven’t been vlogging, that reminds me. I’ve gotten sick of it, for now, of course. The whole because-of-my-current-equipment thing is still in effect. But I’m not really worrying. Which is kind of bad.

I’ve also haven’t been uploading anything new, though I’m still gaining views, but I know well enough that’s not gonna compensate. I need to be doing more, honestly. And I will, once this month is over.

I’ve been writing something with my friend Kurt for the previous weeks. It’s for a full length film that we’ll be shooting if we get accepted to the festival we’re competing it in. So that’s what I’ve been preoccupied with at the moment.

I’m not being un-productive for no reason. That’s a lie — I could definitely do some more shit in my day, I’ve just been lazy. And a bit too careless.

Maybe by next month I’ll get back to the spring of things. But right now, I’ve got a lot on my plate. So it’s more of the effects of balancing out “work”. It’s with watching a whole lot of TV shows.

I’ve finished watching Sex Education: Season 1 & 2. Not my proudest moment, cause I could’ve finished it a bit later on if I didn’t binge it, like the sick son of a bitch human being that I have a tendency to be. I don’t normally binge-watch anymore.

I watch the Arrowverse per workout session, but I’ve done none of that for the past 3 weeks or so. I’ve forgotten about The Twilight Zone, which I’ll probably watch once I’ve finished 30 minutes of writing this journal entry. Surprisingly, the phone hasn’t alerted me just yet.

I’m down to 500 words, which means I could write 500+ more within that 30 minutes. I’m gonna take a break once it happens. The alarm, I mean.

I’ve watched Dracula, and liked it. It’s a 3 episode mini-series from Netflix. Very current series from those guys, and very well done. I didn’t like the ending, it let me down, but it was doable. I never got to finish reading the book anyway, so I wouldn’t know if the series ending was better than the actual ending.

The book is shit, have I mentioned that? It’s too dated and hard to read. Very hard to read, let me just emphasize that to you. But the series at least got the first part right. I feel like this is the best rendition of Count Dracula so far in all of the Dracula iterations. But again, I wouldn’t know, cause I haven’t watched all of them. So take all of what I say about Dracula with a grain of salt. But the book part is legitimate. I don’t recommend reading it at all.

In terms of reading material, I’ve been reading The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchet as of now. It’s also hard to digest, cause a lot of things and elements are happening in the story, and the author provides us with little to no time trying to comprehend them. We just have to accept that what has been written down is what is happening, and all is possible, in the Discworld.

I’ve finished reading Xenocide by Orson Scott Card. I expected the ending to be a cliffhanger, because Card already mentioned that on the introduction he wrote for Speaker for the Dead. So reading Children of the Mind will make Xenocide better. Think of it like Age of Ultron. It wasn’t good when we watched it back in 2015. But now that the Infinity Saga is done, the setup made in Age of Ultron has now been fully realized, and we could see the parallels of its foreshadowing.

Though I’m not gonna read Children of the Mind any time soon. I’ll be reading The Wheel of Time after The Color of Magic. I just don’t know if I’ll binge-read it(after one, then two, then three, then so on, with no in-between books from other authors).

I’ll probably decide on what I’ll do once I finish Eye of the World, the first book of the Wheel of Time. For now, I’m writing this journal entry. And I’ve been talking about books for quite a while.

It’s only fitting, since if you’re a fond reader of this journal(which I doubt anybody is), you’d know that I write about books every Monday. Meta, I know.

The 30 minute mark went off awhile ago, as shown by the three asterisks above(or in my case, since I’m using Evernote to write these journals, a line.)

I had written 950 words in less than 30 minutes. I’ll do better next time, but I was definitely not expecting to write that much words in that amount of time. Although, I am writing bullshit, so…doesn’t count, I guess.