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Saturday. November 23, 2019.

Off to write another journal entry for today. We’re slowly getting back on track of things. I did a little exercise awhile ago. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is getting quite interesting to read, and it reads easy once it gets to the part where the main characters are inside of the submarine. Not a total spoiler, really, for those who want to read the book. Anyway.

Me and my mom went to school yesterday, in order to pay off some tuition that was due to be paid, like a whole lot of months ago, but wasn’t paid, because of financial dilemmas. So we did that, we paid off that balance, and went to this event that my mom wanted to go to. It was a Baking event. For the bakers out there. Mostly the Titas, I guess. I wasn’t really paying much attention to what was happening.

I was zoning out the whole day, actually. It was weird. Things were happening. Words were being said to me, but to no avail. My mind wasn’t processing it. It was preoccupied with something else. Another thought. And the thing is, I wasn’t even thinking of anything. It was like looking at my body as a passenger, and just seeing things unfold like I’m on autopilot.

So when the baking event (Puratos) was finished, we headed off to Makati. We ended up passing by Makati Central Square, which is now a place that I would want to go to again. Once I have the money, that is. Turns out, there’s this like market place where people sell all kinds of antique stuff. Old coins, records, comics, obscure Filipino books, amulets and talismans, old toys like Voltes V or Doraemon. And the highlight of what was there, at least, from my perspective, were the old Nintendo consoles!

There were Gameboys (and I mean the literal old Gameboy systems), Gameboy Colors, Gameboy Micros, Nintendo DS. There were Playstation consoles, SNES, NES. The games were there as well. I saw copies of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The Gameboy worked. It actually works.

It was Candyland, and I wanna go back there…once I have the money to buy them. Cause the Gameboy alone costed 5,000 pesos. It was a fair price, seeing that it’s a very rare item to find these days.

Just think of if Nintendo decided to release new stocks of the original Gameboy. Like, people would lose their shit over those things. It would definitely be a blockbuster. People would line up for it like the next iPhone.

The only question is, when would they do it, actually? Probably never. I dunno.

I just like the idea of owning one, you know? Like, just to flex that I have an original Gameboy, no big deal. I didn’t see any of the original Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow, though. Would have been nice to see that there was a chance for me to buy one here in the Country.

Maybe I just haven’t looked in the right places yet.

This sort of parallels with second-hand bookstores, actually. It has the same vibe, the same principle, of having to find, like really find, what you’re looking for. And it would take several tries, before you find it.

Only, books cost less, and Gameboys cost even more, as time goes by. So that’s the downside to that.

Nintendo, just make some damn new copies of your old consoles. People will buy it! I guarantee it. It is a fact that people will immediately get their hands on anything you’d sell. You’re Nintendo! If you decided to make a smartphone, I swear, you’d beat Apple by a long shot. There’d be some kinks to the armor, but you’ll learn in the process. And in no time, you’d be on top in the smartphone industry.

I firmly believe this. Not so much in your choice of Mobile Apps, though, but that’s a different entity altogether. Those games don’t really translate your whole identity as a gaming company.

So, Nintendo, if you’re listening (which I know you probably would never do so, but whatever), think about it. What hurt would it do to give the people what they want? And what do people want? Fresh New Gameboys.

I’ve said enough.

What else? It’s night time, right now. Everything prior was written in the morning. I’m now on our desktop trying to get this thing to a thousand words. I’m listening to the Man of Steel movie score.

I just finished watching the intro to Daniel Greene’s interview with the Brandon Sanderson. When I saw the thumbnail, I was like, “yoh, I gotta watch this”. Luckily, there was a time-stamp of when the Wheel of Time spoilers were about to begin. So I stopped watching it when it arrived at that time-stamp.

Listening to Brandon Sanderson talk about stuff is just always gonna be a treat to your ears. There’s this Youtube channel called “Write About Dragons”, where there are several videos of Brandon’s classes. I’ve watched a bunch of them. Some were helpful, especially to budding writers. Though the latter videos are somewhat situated for the pros. The writers who are already dealing with the business side of the Author Industry. That sort of thing.

It made me think about how “The Omnivault” is going. How am I gonna keep the story entertaining, interesting, engaging? All of those questions. It’s getting harder and harder to write a chapter, because you have to deal with the fact that there are a lot of things going on in the story already, and you don’t really have a clue as to what you’re trying to make of the characters you’re working with.

It’s getting tough, but that shouldn’t stop you. It shouldn’t stop me. It should encourage me even more to write this story. Because there’s something within it that’s worth reading.

Why else would I be writing about it if it’s of no substance? No purpose?