Been to a lot of places in such a small period of time.

Written: Monday. November 18, 2019.

Today’s journal entry is written at one of my cousins’ condo. This cousin of mine is like three times older than me. Already has a family, several houses, a car, stable jobs, can go to any country they want. They’re the prior generation before us. They’re Millennials.

And I’m just here, sitting in one corner of the condo. Just waiting for me and my dad to leave. He said we’d leave once “Ang Probinsyano” is done. So I have like an hour to enjoy the internet in this place. I’ve already downloaded a few episodes of the original Ben 10 series from 2005. I’m re-watching the series, for some reason. I miss it, I guess. It’s not actually on par with shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, or Naruto. But it’s definitely just one tier lower than them. And that’s okay.

Ben 10 actually has a lot of similarities to Avatar and Naruto. The Naruto series decided to do a time jump on its story, and created Naruto Shippuden. The Avatar series did the same thing, creating Legend of Korra. Ben 10 did the same thing, creating Alien Force, Omniverse, and the current reboot. The reboot is more catered to children…or so I thought. I saw a few videos on Youtube — they actually have a Youtube Channel, btw — and the series has evolved quite a bit.

Kevin now has his own Omnitrix. I guess the writers are just lazy to explore Kevin’s background of being an Osmosian, a being who could absorb the abilities of other beings in the universe. They could also absorb elements. Like turn into stone when they touch stone, or diamonds, or wood. The possibilities are endless for Osmosians.

But I guess the writers are just lazy, or they got bored trying to write the same thing for Kevin’s character, and decided to write something else.

Can’t believe I spent the intro of this article talking about a cartoon series, when I should actually be talking about the main thing:

I got my laptop upgraded! It used to only have 2gb of RAM. Now, for some reason, I was able to persuade my folks to upgrade the RAM to 8gb. Now, the laptop’s not failing me…as much as it did before. It still does, but not as much anymore.

I’ve fiddled with it after having it upgraded. I tried opening Adobe Premiere Pro, which is the main reason as to why I even wanted to get this thing upgraded, and it seems fine. There’s just something off when it comes to the specifics of the version of the premiere that I have. It’s a CS6. Not the best of versions, but I feel like, if I switched to a newer version of premiere, the laptop might not be able to function just as fast.

But, and here’s where it gets tricky, the media encoder program is shit. It’s not that fast when it converts a video. We have a 16gb desktop at home, and the media encoder there is slow already. The thing is that I also need to use the media encoder in order to convert my videos (which is in MOV format) to an MP4. I could work with the MOV, that’s not a problem. But MOV files are way too big. I’m just working on a laptop, take note of that. So I have a limited amount of storage space available at my disposal.

The Photoshop program works nicely. Haven’t tried the Illustrator, Flash, and After Effects programs. But I doubt I’d ever use them in this laptop. So Premiere and Photoshop are the main bois that I’m gonna be working with on this laptop…but wait a minute.

I could use PowerDirector. There’s a PowerDirector App in this laptop. I’ve worked on PowerDirector on mobile, back when we still didn’t have amazing computers to edit videos on, and I’m kind of interested on going back on it. Of course, if I go back to using PowerDirector on mobile, I need to pay for the watermark to be removed. Cause nobody would want to watch a video if it has a huge watermark on the side.

Looks like I don’t actually have the PowerDirector program installed here anymore. I think I might’ve removed it some time ago.

My focus is divided right now, as you may have noticed. The TV in here is too loud that I can’t hear myself think.

And now we’re back in our regular place of work. We just got back from the Lumiere Hotel, or whatever name that hotel was. The only thing different this time is how fucking fast this laptop is right now. It only takes me about roughly two minutes before I could enter the main windows…thingy. Lobby? I dunno. Not important.

What is important is how fucking fast this fucking thing is. Just imagine the possibilities. God dammit. I’m being overwhelmed by this shit. How did I deserve this? What have I been doing? Is this like a Trojan Horse situation? Wherein, you think it’s a gift, but in reality, it’s a trap.

That’s the worst kind of trap, dudes. The Trojan Horse Trap. Oddly enough, that also applies to computers.

I haven’t been writing. Period. Not gonna sugar coat it. I’ve been out of this funk for so long. My last post was like a week ago. I’ve been busy, so I guess that’s one excuse. I’ve been going to random places with my parents. Today is an example of that.

Last Thursday (November 14) was my Mom’s birthday: we went to Art In Island at Cubao, Quezon City. I vlogged about it. Just look it up here.

And then on Friday (November 15), we celebrated my mom’s birthday: we needed to go to SM San Lazaro, because my dad received his bonus for the month. And if he didn’t get it as fast as possible, the bank might get it, in order to pay for some of my dad’s debt. We arrived at the mall soaking wet, because of the weather… Then we spent the night singing karaoke.

Then on to Saturday (November 16): Mom and I went to BGC. We visited the Fully Booked branch in Bonifacio High Street. It was too big for me. A lot of people were there. A lot of books were there. I just really got overwhelmed by all of the elements that were present in that place. But nonetheless, I enjoyed that brief browse through Fully Booked. After that, we headed off to the activity center of BHS. IV of Spades and Rico Blanco played that night.

I also saw one of my closest friends back in high school, Miggy. We chatted a bit about what’s new with our lives. But it was a very brief reunion. I even forgot to take a selfie with the dude, in order to remember that specific moment.

The irony is that I had my DSLR camera hanging from my neck at that time. And I could have easily brought out my phone. But I did none of those things. And the moment was lost forever. It now only remains inside my thoughts.

Bought 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne that day. Well, my mom bought it for me. So…

On Sunday (November 17), we went to Gilmore. My mom now has a new computer.

And then here we are, Today (November 18): Upgraded my Laptop to an 8GB from a 2GB.

Woop Woop!



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