Google Adsense makes NO sense.

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Written: Wednesday. November 13, 2019.

So finally, after waiting for two months, my Google Adsense account now has an update for how much money I’m gaining on the channel. But it’s unfortunately, and amazingly, low as hell. $0.50 was not what I had in mind when it came to the first time I’d see how much money I’ve made on Youtube.

But in all honesty, it was a reassuring moment. Only because I now know that there’s no problem with my Adsense account. There was just a delay of the revenue update, that’s all. I am now confident that I am able to earn money off of Youtube. So that’s that. Take it as it is.

I mean, not gonna lie, it was sort of just a funny moment when I looked at my Adsense app on my phone, and saw the $0.50 indicated on the “Account Balance” part of the app. But if I’m gonna take the situation seriously, that’s really amazingly difficult to process.

The Total Earnings that Adsense itself claimed that I would get was about $3 and a few cents. So what happened there, Adsense? Are you actually taxing the account? Is there something going on behind the scenes that only Adsense alone would know about? Probably. And I’ll never find out what it is. Or how that actually works, or how the AI is analyzing the payment methods for my Channel. I’m assuming that the whole Adsense system works on AI, because they’re not stupid enough to hire that many people to review every single account on Youtube out there.

So, enough of me rambling about Adsense. On to better topics.

I’m a bit sick, though not in the same level of sickness that I was in before. More of “my stomach is acting weird” kind of sick. Like, my body is confused. And I don’t know how it happened.

There’s one reason that I could think of. Yesterday, I did a morning walk, while wearing a face mask. So I spent an amount of time walking, while inhaling the air that I just exhaled, because the mask kept my breath in, and it just went back inside of my body.

And I could speculate that it’s bad for the human body. Cause we need oxygen in our lungs (I definitely typed lunch, instead of lungs first, for some random apparent reason), and (I just searched this up on Google): our exhaled breath is actually made up of 78 percent Nitrogen! That’s crazy. The fact that all my life, I thought we exhaled just pure carbon dioxide, and it’s actually more of nitrogen, is blowing my mind right now.

We exhale nitrogen, people. Let that sink in for a bit. Search it up yourself if you don’t believe me. I’m probably wrong, but let’s just go with what I was able to find on Google within a minute, and move on.

So that’s basically what I believe might’ve been the cause of why I’m a bit sick in the stomach right now.

I hate how I’m so excited for the new Pokemon Sword and Shield games, but in reality, I don’t even have a Nintendo Switch or Lite. I didn’t even get to experience the NDS, or the PSP, or the 3DS, back when I was in my childhood years. Because you know, I’m poor, but whatever.

I could just day dream all I want about what it would be like to play the new Pokemon games, or even Breath of the Wild. Because I’ve only played the Legend of Zelda games available on the GBA and Nintendo 64. So the only best Zelda game I’ve played so far is Ocarina of Time.

But, and I read this in some random article online, Breath of the Wild actually surpasses Ocarina of Time, as the best game in the franchise. So yeah, I’m dying to find out why. But I’m never gonna know, because I have no money to spare.

I have to make due with what I have. And that’s emulators. And those options actually take the fun out, sometimes. Cause it presents us with the idea that we can play any game we want, at the tip of our fingers. And that’s not really the spirit of gaming. Or so I subjectively believe.

I think proper gaming is all about exclusivity. Or at least, exclusivity is part of what makes gaming, or retro gaming, or OG gaming, more fun and exciting. Because it’s not accessible by everybody. There’s this invisible gate that you can’t pass, until you gave the right password (which is your money), in order to get passed that invisible gate.

It sort of also applies on books. You have to pay for a book, in order to enjoy its story. It doesn’t apply to movies anymore, because you could just wait a few months for the torrents that’d be available online, rather than watch the movie early, in cinemas.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that, paying for things is part of what makes things fun. And I hate that it’s the truth, but I also have to respect that logic. Because if we didn’t have that, we’d just get bored. All of the time.

Been watching a whole lot of Jazza videos on Youtube. He’s gotten better, and more entertaining, than the last time I watched his videos, which was like a year ago, or more. Cause I kind of got bored with the videos he was putting out. Or I just wasn’t interested. But now, wow. He’s got like a ton of new and interesting videos.

The ideas he has for his videos are on the same level as the old Youtube videos that popped up back when Youtube was still new. It’s exciting. It’s random. We don’t know if we wanted to see it, but we got it anyways. And that’s what I love the most.

It’s when you do completely wild ideas, and turn it into reality.




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