After 45 entries,

Written: Monday. September 23, 2019.

Alright! Back in the game! Here we go!

I can’t actually remember when I last posted a journal entry. But I’m assuming that it’s been a while. A week, maybe. I dunno. I’ve been, well, I wasn’t really away away, like those times when I wasn’t posting a new journal entry for this thing. I’ve been preoccupied with some stuff. Delicately important stuff. Yes, I can actually accept calling it that right now. It’s important for me to focus on these particular things, because finishing them would lead to my freedom.

I’m talking about the “graduation roadblock” thing again. I hope readers of this journal don’t get tired of me talking about it. Hell, even I’m tired of talking about it. But what else am I gonna talk about, and why shouldn’t I talk about these things if it’s what I’ve been doing on my days.

Though I do wanna shift the subject to The Omnivault, a year long story that I’m trying to write a chapter on, every single week. I wanna talk about it cause I feel like it’s faltering when it comes to my delivery of quality. See, I have this rule for The Omnivault. The rule is that I don’t think about it, and only think about it while I’m writing it. That way, I get to test myself, or some crap I made up five weeks ago.

I feel as though, given that I’m sticking to that rule, that the story is getting dull. It’s getting quite boring. I’m finding it hard to make the story progress, since right now, I don’t really much remember whatever it was that I wrote the week before. I also can’t re-read the chapters that have gone by. Not because it’s one of the rules or anything. But because I can’t find the time to put that in my 24 hour day. Or at most, I don’t find the time for it, so that I could be doing other things, that are less important.

Like me playing Minecraft. And it’s not in the PC this time around. No sir. It’s on freaking mobile, dudes. I’ve been playing Minecraft on my phone ever since I bought it last week on Google Play. Well, technically, I haven’t been playing it for about a day — going two days. Because today is the second day in a row that I didn’t pick up my phone to open up the Minecraft app. A success indeed. I hope I could keep that up.

What else have I been doing? Ah yes. Let’s go back to the “graduation roadblock”. I just realized yesterday that I suck at drawing surrealism art. Or just suck at drawing, in general. I know I had the skills back then. But again, that was way back then. I haven’t touched a single pencil in order to draw with it, for months already. Even years!

There’s a saying, that if you exercise your muscles — whether it be a physical muscle or mental muscle — you strengthen that muscle, and the results will show in due time.

I dunno. What’s the opposite of that? If you don’t exercise those muscles, you lose your strength? You lose your skills? Heck, I haven’t been doing this journal of mine as often as before. That counts as an example for what I’ve been trying to say here.

In the last ‘The Omnivault’ entry, I hadn’t written a journal entry for The Modern Hidalgo in quite a while. Maybe that’s why I found it hard to write something up so quickly and fluidly.

I guess what I said about ‘this journal is actually helping me improve my writing skills’ was actually true.

I guess that principle is true for any possible thing we could come up with. If our goal is to be a good musician, then the best way to do that is by playing an instrument everyday. The best way to be a good artist, is to draw everyday. To be a good reader, read everyday. To write good, write everyday.

It goes on. And it goes on for as long as time stands.

I felt something strange the other day. It’s a physical feeling I’ve never felt before, in that long amount of time. It was a feeling of heat coming from the back of my head. I wasn’t sick or anything. It wasn’t a cold or whatever. I would know. It was something different, so I told my parents about it.

We have a blood pressure monitoring device at home, which is used to know your…blood pressure. I tried it out, and the result showed that I was High Blood. That wasn’t good news. I mean, I didn’t even exercise that day, but after I had eaten lunch, the feeling in the back of my head popped out of nowhere.

It couldn’t have been fatigue, because I had been doing nothing the days prior, but the routine I’ve set out for myself, or at least some of the routine, hehe.

I haven’t been doing morning walks, okay! I can’t wake up early in the morning to do them lately. I know. What a Nancy thing to say.

Though I’m trying, guys. Doing that tomorrow would be a risky thing to do, since I have to be doing the “graduation roadblock” assignment that I have due on Wednesday.

Other than that, I guess I’ve just spent a lot of days playing Minecraft and wasting my time. Those are just the same thing, but whatever.

Oh, and I’m now MONETIZED! Well, have been monetized for days now. Though Adsense isn’t registering my finalized revenue yet. It’s been only four days since I got granted monetization for my Youtube Channel. Yes, my friends. 45 Journal Entries later, I got monetized.

Though I won’t get to see my actual earnings until the middle of next month, October. So I guess I’ll talk about that once next month comes. I just hope Adsense registers my earnings. Or else…well I don’t really know what I’m gonna do about it.

But I will do something.



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