Know when your time is being wasted.

Written: Saturday. August 24, 2019.

I had actually tried to write a journal entry yesterday (Friday), accidentally. I had forgotten that I was going to do something else (The Omnivault). Good thing I realized it.

I was also quite sick yesterday. My allergies were acting up. Had to swallow an allergy-removing pill. It worked well, to my relief.

Let me give a brief sharing of what had happened yesterday:

I was supposed to go to school yesterday, but ended up not having to do so, because the professor had told us in the morning that she would not be available for the day, and so we were to submit our assignment online.

That made things easy for me, since I hadn’t printed out the assignment that was due to be submitted. Hadn’t even started on it, actually. I needed to look at the available works of the students that were also in my class, so that I could develop an understanding of what was to be done. To which, I understood zilch before taking the liberty of looking into other people’s works.

It’s not a sin to peep into other people’s ideas. Though it is frowned upon. Yet, it makes things easy, so why not do that instead? I mean, it’s not copying, only being influenced by other ideas.

That’s how the world works, actually. Take an existing idea, and make it yours by giving it your own twist.

I also spent most of the day (yesterday) in front of the computer. I had been playing this game called “Mobile Legends” for quite some days now. I know. I’m a fool to even be wasting my time with that game. But alas, I have fallen victim to it once again.

I say that, because I’ve played the game before, but have stopped for a long while, only to come back to it a few years later.

It seemed that it wasn’t the only game I was missing. I had just played a single game of the old “League of Legends”, a similar game to Mobile Legends, but in the PC.

I used to always play this game, but I hated it most of the time, due to lack of incredible team mates I end up playing a game session with, because most of the players online are kids playing the game in the net-cafes near their houses.

I had also given up with that game once. I had completely destroyed my original account. But I have a contingency account at my disposal. A friend of mine owned it, but does not use it anymore. So he gave it to me. And I’ve had it for quite some years now. And it was yesterday when I decided to try the old game out again.

It was fun. It’s a good game. I love the available heroes you could choose from. I love their styles, their unique skill sets. I love being able to defeat another player with the skill that I have at playing the game. Even though I’ve been away from it for so long, those skills don’t quite escape me.

It was a fun time. But it was a waste of time. I have to convince myself that, so that I would no longer be fooled by that game ever again. There are reasons as to why I’ve stopped playing the game. Mainly, because I’ve already spent a great deal of time playing it.

And one mustn’t put their time on things that could not push them to move forward in life.

This game, this arcade of a game, has done nothing but minus the minute amount of time I have in this world.

It’s good to play every once in a while. But never get too carried away. It’ll ruin you.

As for the story I had posted yesterday:

I am glad that I was able to concoct such a piece of fictional literature at such ease. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to produce anything, given my long absence from writing fictional works.

But I guess this “Modern Hidalgo” journal really is working its magic on me. As I spend my time doing the work on this journal, it develops my skills even further. It gives me experience. It shows me the faults in my style. And thus, gives me style.

I remember when I was still starting out as a budding writer, I wasn’t very good with my grammar. Nobody is at first, I guess.

We really need to put in the time to write the words that are hiding in our minds. Share the voices lingering in our thoughts. And provide awesome ideas wondering about in our psyches.

And I guess reading a lot helps too. I wasn’t really a fond reader 2 years ago. I would read, of course. But I wasn’t able to do that habit as religiously as I could now. I used to be able to finish a single book within a month…minimum.

I was interrupted by the sudden arrival of the microphone that I had just ordered in Lazada.

The guy gave me the package, I paid him, and went back inside the house. For some reason, when I opened the package, it was wet inside. So I immediately had to remove the microphone and the wiring out of the plastic seal it was encased in. Fortunately, the item was dry.

I had tried it on my phone, but it didn’t pick up any sound. It was still using the built-in microphone. So I panicked, and went upstairs, and plugged it in the modem. To my relief, it worked.

I used this application called Audacity, to record some audio. It works fine. That’s all I need from it.

It’s a bit noisy, tho. I still have yet to buy one of those spit sleeves and pop filter, as my friend recommends. It picks up the noise of the jeepneys and tricycles roaming around the street. But nevertheless, it picks up my voice just as good.



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