This Crazy Idea of Backpacking through the Whole Country.

Written: Saturday. August 3, 2019.

So today marks the last letter of the alphabet. Which is the letter Z.

I didn’t include the letters ñ and/or ng, even though those are technically letters of the alphabet, but only within the Filipino/Tagalog spectrum.

I guess this is sort of a milestone that I’ve reached. Does this call for a celebration? How would one even operate a celebration within the confines of literature?

Speaking of Operations. My dad is finally back at home after a 2-week stay inside the hospital. He was supposed to have left 3 days ago or so. But the doctors wanted to make sure that he was in good condition to go out of the hospital before allowing him clearance to be discharged.

Anyway. It’s done. He’s cleared. Just a couple more visits to the hospital for routine checkups of his healing condition, and then, once he’s completely healed, he’s going back to work.

That is, of course, if his company is gonna take him back. Because there’s a large chance, a very large chance, that he might not even have a position once he’s good to go back to work.

Plus, just eyeballing it, I think these are the times when he’s transitioning out of his prime years. I could see that he’s struggling, as one who’s of old age does.

If he even gets back to being strong, I don’t think that it would be healthy for him to go back to a lifestyle that, realizing it now, was the cause of his downfall.

He works too many miles away from where we live, and he has to go back and forth by commute, every single day.

Think of how hard that daily journey is. And here I am, complaining about how difficult it is to produce a thousand words everyday for this daily journal of mine. My troubles and worries are zilch compared to his.

What else could I say about today?

Well, the rainy season truly has arrived. It’s raining everyday, to a point that it’s either gonna flood in the main avenues/streets, or it’s gonna be a cold night, a good night to sleep tight and dream that everything will be alright.

I just attempted to rhyme. Never again.

I didn’t really do much different today, other than read 2001: A Space Odyssey while I was at the hospital.

I had watched Avengers: Endgame last night…or early in the morning. It was in between. 11:30 pm to like 2 am. I had started watching the 3 hour film after I finished publishing the previous entry.

And I honestly could have just done something else. I feel like I’ve seen the movie a hundred times already, whether it be highlights or memes, while I’m scrolling through social media. That’s why when it came to actually re-watching the movie, it wasn’t really that cool anymore.

Although, the multiple ring portals scene where all of the characters appear by the third act to do that final epic war scene always gives me chills.

I get goosebumps every time I get to see it.

I’m probably gonna make a video to express how I think people should watch “The Infinity Saga” in such a chronological order, that may or may not be approving to some fans of the franchise.

Cause there’s really something wrong when it comes to the release dates of the Marvel movies within Phase Three. Like how Black Panther should’ve been the next movie after Civil War and Doctor Strange be before Thor: Ragnarok.

Those kinds of orders.

I’ll probably do it…after I finish with the book-related video ideas that I have.

If you guys are interested in what I’ve been talking about. I actually have a Youtube Channel. It’s called Elmo Hidalgo, which is my name.

It used to be called Don’s Mundo. But I changed it for formality’s sake. Plus, people didn’t really get the idea of the name.

My full name is Don Elmo M. Hidalgo.

Mundo is World, in Filipino/Tagalog language.

Elmo’s World = Don’s Mundo.

I’m Filipino by the way. Just to randomly add.

But yeah, the idea didn’t catch on. And I decided to change the name of the Channel to just Elmo Hidalgo.

But a few days ago, the train of thought of me switching back to Don’s Mundo came into my head. Now I don’t know whether I should give it consideration or just stick to Elmo Hidalgo.

Or do a completely new Channel for the Don’s Mundo instead.

Hmm. Choices, Choices, Choices. What do we make?

I’m starting to wonder if I’m running out of good things to talk about in these journal entries of mine. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of days just writing about random things to make up for a thousand words a day.

I feel like I’m cheating. Like how I’m cheating right now.

I haven’t had a good inspirational kick in awhile now. I haven’t had a good idea that I could execute. Most of the ideas that I come up with are too ambitious. Even this, I have talked about already.

Though there was this one idea, but it’s not really mine, that I’ve spent a good amount of thinking with.

It’s an idea of a friend of mine, named Kurt.

He told me that when he graduates, he wants to walk the whole way towards the tip of Luzon. Which is the upper part/division of the three main parts of the Philippines. The other two being Visayas and Mindanao.

I didn’t understand the idea at first, cause it was a very wild idea. But when I really put the time to thinking about, there’s nothing else that I could think of right now but that.

It’s such a crazy idea, that I just wanna know how we would be able to do such a heavy task.

Of course, the first thing we need to be looking for would be sponsors for this idea.

We would never be able to do the idea properly, without the support of some companies, or brands.

Say we need a brand to sponsor our apparels and the bags we would use, and the clothes we would wear, for the weeks-long trip. We would definitely be looking at something like Merrell or Columbia.

There are other factors that we really need to be diving deep into analyzing. Like the Where, the How, the Who, and then definitely the Why.

But I guess that idea would have to wait.

Word of the Day: Zigzaggery.

  • a zigzagging course or route? That’s a zigzaggery.

I might stop with the Word of the Day routine. I’m getting tired of it. Might do it in the future. But in the next following days, no.



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