City-Planners and World-Builders.

Written: Wednesday. July 24, 2019.

I feel like I won’t be able to deliver when it comes to a good quality journal entry for today. Since today was basically much like yesterday…

But let’s see what story I can tell today.

It’s Wednesday. The third day in a row I’ve been going out of the house already, because this week is basically my father’s Operation Week. This is the week my family has been waiting to happen since my father’s heart attack back in March.

The reason it got delayed to late July, was because there were a lot of paper work that needed to be fixed. A lot of other ailments my father had that needed to be settled, before he was cleared for operation.

Basically, there were a lot of factors that delayed the operation. I’m just relieved that it’s finally happening.

Although, what I’m not so much of a big fan of, is the fact that I simultaneously had to deal with this, and a situation I needed to assess in my college.

See, today was the last day for us old students to settle our sectioning. But in reality, what went down awhile ago was just a complete waste of my energy, and my day.

I went there to the office, asked for a Leave of Absence form, realized that I had a balance due that was still unpaid for, so I couldn’t get my Transcript of Records, because that was one of the requirements for the Leave of Absence form.

And then I had to speak to an official in order to know what I was supposed to do with my situation. They just told me that I won’t be able to know exactly what I need to do, or which adviser I was gonna be placed in, or which thesis category I was gonna be placed in, until the start of classes, which is on August 9 or 10, or whatever.

So it was just, “I don’t know the answer to your question either. Let’s wait until further notice.”

So you could only imagine my frustration right now.

Early in the morning, I tried to do some exercise. It was the first thing that I did, rather than reading a full chapter of a book. Right now, I haven’t read a whole chapter yet. It’s the old Cause and Effect scenario, my friends.

And I couldn’t really read inside the hospital, because there were other people present in the room, and they were conversing with each other. And whenever I just hear other people talking when I’m trying to read, it disrupts my reading, and I end up not understanding whatever it was that I was trying to read.

So that’s why I didn’t get to read that much today. Though, I did try. And I’ll probably finish a chapter before going to sleep. I must at least finish 1 chapter. That’s like a law. Break it, and there are consequences to my actions, or in this case, the lack thereof.

I’ll probably also try to bring along earphones tomorrow in the hospital. So that I have a way of dampening the noise whilst I’m reading.

SO…I am just 500 words into this journal entry. And I feel like I’ve said everything that happened already. Well, at least, everything that happened that I’m interested in or care about.

Cause there were a lot of other stuff that went down today, but I don’t really care much about it, cause those things fall in line with topics of rumors or small talk. And those things are really just a waste of time to look back on.

There was something that might be interesting to jot down in this journal entry.

It concerns this train of thought that I had, while we were on our commute from the hospital going home.

It was about the difference between City-Planners and World-Builders.

Like, what makes them different, since they’re basically tackling the same areas (See what I did there?)

So the thought process was like this:

City-Planners are those that focus on how to sustain a satisfied community within a certain area or terrain. Say, when it comes to the City-Planning games or software, where you could create a simulated city, where there are simulated civilians roaming the streets of a simulated city or village or town, whatever they aim for.

The City-Planners’ job is to maintain a working piece of land. They have to deal with the placings of Electric Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, and Water Systems. They also have to figure out segregating a piece of land to a sum of virtual families, in order for that part of the city to be contained. And for there to be less feuds in the neighborhood.

When it comes to World-Builders, their task is to figure out how civilizations, religions, cultures, mythologies, superstitions, fashion & weaponry, lifestyles, came into fruition. There’s more symbolic ideas that need to be laid out, in order to make sense of a world that is completely different from how our own world works.

World-Builders have to deal with figuring out how different factions, different cultures, different social classes, interact or dwell with each other. They have to really look at the deeper details. Solve the political or economical instabilities that are happening in the present day of the world they are creating. But also have to think of explanations as to why such races inside the world believe in a 4-headed being, or why another race has what you would call, “proper stealing etiquette”.

City-Planners are more Macroscopic.

World-Builders are more Microscopic.

But one thing they have in common is that they both have to deal with explaining how Socio-Anthropology works. Just in different scopes.

I dunno. The topic is really interesting to me. But I’m sure that I might be thinking of a few things wrong when it comes to both types. I might be wrong with how I think of City-Planners and how I perceive World-Builders. But all of what I said was how I interpreted the two.

It’s my opinion. If you have a better one, let me know. I’m sure there are those out there who have more knowledge on the subject at hand. And I’m curious to find out if you agree or disagree on how I perceive City-Planners and World-Builders, and how they differ from each other.

Word of the Day: Scotophobia.

  • if you’re scared of the dark, then you’re scotophobic.



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