A God Complex thrust upon Ordinary Men.

Friday. July 19, 2019.

Today was the day Casey Neistat posted his “this is the end.” video.

I watched it and everything just seemed to feel like it was falling apart. It felt like I was watching the last episode of a Netflix series I’ve been watching for a long time.

Felt like the final scene from The Truman Show, where Truman finally reached the end of the well-constructed world he lived in. And that this video, hopefully not Casey’s last, felt very much like he was saying goodbye for real. And the scary thing about it is that it does feel like that.

How can one person’s life, even if it’s not really the end, make an impact on me like that? I mean, it’s not like he’s dying or anything. But he’s entering a chapter in his life that might be the end-all-be-all situation for a person’s career. He’s accomplished so many. And we’ve spent so much of the hours of our days watching his videos, being entertained by his videos, that looks through his perspective of a person’s life.

We got to know him through these videos. Through his vlogs, we proceeded to enter a life of another person. And the reason we stayed was because his life was sometimes, if not always, better than what we were doing with our lives. He lived out his days doing things most people don’t normally get to do. And he does it not because people are telling him to do it, but because they repeat on saying no.

I think that was one of the main reasons why his videos, his life in general, is so fascinating. It’s because we got to understand his point of view on things. We got to experience his perspective, through the lenses of his month-on-average lasting DSLR cameras and DJI drones. He gets to live out a life without anyone telling him what he should or shouldn’t do, because he made sure that nobody would be able to do that to him. Ever.

That’s what I admire about Casey Neistat. It’s this God Complex thrust upon an ordinary man, which made him un-ordinary, and unlike the rest of the baboons walking around the world.

To see him leave, and might never return to making videos, is devastating.

So I’m gonna make sure that others follow along the legacy that he’s built. The influence that he has brought, not only to social media, or film-making, or vlogging, but to the world. That legacy, is something that I aspire to continue.

I consider him to be a teacher that taught me a very valuable lesson in life. And that lesson is something that I will cherish, and practice on my own life.

But yeah, as much as the future looks bright, it still feels gloomy when faced with the reality that Casey’s Life Series has come to an end. At least, that’s what it feels like right now.

It’s a good thing he left a few disciples along the way. Best example is his most recent partner in crime, when it came to his 368 videos, Dan Mace.

Dan & Casey had a bond that was like no other. When they started the 368 videos, their tandem worked so well, that everybody was just so on board with the two of them.

The ideas they were able to make, the memories they shared with each other, could never have happened if one of them was not present. That’s why when Dan left the vlogs, for reasons that were purely out of his control, the whole world was shook.

Everybody started to become worried. “Where’s Dan?” “What happened to Dan?” “Dan’s gone!

Eventually…well, like a year later, Dan was back. But he wasn’t really back. He went back to Casey. But it wasn’t because they were getting back together to make amazing vlogs. I think it was because Dan just had to say his final goodbyes to Casey, before Casey moves out from his studio, in order to spend his older years with his family in LA.

Casey showed Dan Mace the ropes of what it took to become a Youtuber, and Dan followed him all the way.

Now, to honor Casey Neistat’s legacy, Dan is making sure that his channel gets to produce high-quality content. The type of content that would put a big fat smile across Casey’s face.

And so far, with his new Youtube series, “Not Normal”, he’s doing that. Which is great.

What’s not great is the level of appreciation or support, or the lack thereof, from people on the internet. Dan may be a well-versed individual when it comes to film-making, but somehow, for God-knows what reason, he doesn’t get that many views on his videos.

But maybe it’s not really about the quantity of his followers, but the quality of his output, that needs to be appreciated here.

Maybe Dan isn’t in it for the views or the fame. Maybe he’s more focused on making art. Which is what everybody should focus on, when it comes to their own content.

It’s not the level of work you put out, but the quality behind each work your make that’s truly the pearl in the oyster.

Today’s really been a Wild Card of a day. Makes sense, cause that’s how I set it up to be in the first place.

I was able to exercise in the morning, congrats to me. Though due to the weather, I can’t do my morning walks. I’ll probably start feeling my knees acting up again. I haven’t had a good stroll outside in a while. That’s bad news.

I also finally got to do a little idea I’ve had. See, I have this Coke Zero Baby Bottle that I kept, for reasons I wasn’t sure of, until it hit me today.

I made it into an IDEA BOTTLE. Which is basically a bottle you put your ideas inside. I cut up strips of colored paper, and wrote down one or two words that would easily describe the nature of the idea, roll it up into a kind of scroll-looking thing, and dropped it inside the Baby Bottle.

It’s not really a Baby Bottle, like what you’re thinking of right now. I don’t know how to explain it. The Coca-Cola company, and other soda companies, tried to do this limited time edition of mini bottles, that just looked so reusable, that I had to keep one for cases such as this.

I wish I get to see more of those, cause I might be needing them in the future. My ideas would probably fill up the one I have now, in no time at all. And the thing is about the ideas I wrote down — they’re not what you would call “cheap”.

I’m probably gonna start popping the bottle open for a fresh idea, once I start earning revenue on my channel…

Word of the Day: Obtuse.

  • slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity.



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