Ramblings Towards Stranger Things (specifically Season 3)

Billie Eilish, Stranger Things, and all that stuff.

She’s a jewel in this world of plastic. A soul that needs to be protected.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

  • Mike and Lucas — last season it was Lucas and Dustin fighting over Maxine. Now it’s Mike and Lucas trying to win their girlfriends back.
  • Eleven and Maxine — Eleven didn't like Maxine last season…why the hell did she go to her for help, other than her being the only other girl in the D&D group? Eleven disapproved of Max, the same way Mike was disapproving of Max joining the group back in Season 2. Max could have potentially been a good third party for Mike and El’s relationship. Maybe in a way that Max would start developing these feelings for Mike, as an effect of bickering with each other for illogical reasons, but she would keep it a secret or deny those feelings cause she’s with Lucas. But then Lucas would notice that something’s not quite right. And he’d have to fight Mike for the heart of Maxine, because Lucas likes her so much, and because Mike already has Eleven.
  • Steve and Robin — They shouldn't have even done the whole “whoops, I’m lesbian.” plot twist by the end. It doesn't make sense. I get that most TV series we watch right now try to “diversify” on their gender representations or race representations. But man, if it doesn't serve any purpose to the development of the story, then don’t fucking do it! Go the logical route, and make Steve get the right girl for once! I mean, they did hint around that Robin might be able to go Bi on season 4. But come on, the twist really made no sense.
  • Dustin and Lucas’ annoying sister — somebody should fire whoever cast that annoying little kid. And also, I expected Dustin to just do his Tiger mating growl while he was talking with his girlfriend, not some out-of-nowhere musical that made me look for any other song on Youtube just for the song to get out of my head.
  • Joyce and Hopper — as I said earlier, their lover’s quarrel felt forced.
  • Nancy and Jonathan — This pairing is actually the only consistent one. Yet, they didn't make it interesting, because nothing actually new happened. Nancy worked on a case, Jonathan drove her around town, they argued a little, but ended up okay in the end. Like, man…okay? I guess?
  • The Russian Translator (forgot his name) and Smirnoff — I actually have no problem with these guys, they’re the breath of fresh air for this season.
  • Billy and Mike’s mom — they should have left the cougar thing back in season 2. Plus, Mike’s mom had nothing else to do by the second half of the season, noticed that? Didn't think so. Guess the writers just up and forgot her.

If you’re nothing without good plot, then you shouldn't have it.

  • the act of entrapping someone or something or the condition of being entrapped



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