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Written: Monday. December 21, 2020.

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4 min readDec 25, 2020


Today was the start of the week, but it already feels like a lot has happened. External news: two people were killed by a policeman and his daughter. I say in emphasis that his daughter was part of pulling the gun’s trigger, because the daughter played a large role inside of this current event. She’s not innocent. She should be at fault. She is on the wrong side of things. And we should not try to justify that she’s just a ‘minor’.

The father (a policeman) pulled the trigger out of the heat of the moment, sure. But the flames were fanned by his daughter. There’s video; there’s proof. People cannot deny this. The daughter can literally be seen aggravating her father into pulling his gun’s trigger, not only by shouting at the old lady, but also dragging a woman by the hair moments prior to the common video that circulated in social media. She not only added to the problem, she was the cause to the effect.

I haven’t been paying attention to crime or political news as of late, only because I know it’s only gonna be toxic for my mental health and whatever. But this new issue bothered me, because of the way the child acted in the situation. The father (a policeman) isn’t really what concerns me about the situation. It’s the fact that the daughter never even flinched when she heard and saw her own father taking his gun out and shooting an old woman and a man right in front of her. She yelled at an old woman, and sure, the old woman yelled back at her in retort. But irregardless of what happened prior to these events — it’s something about the other family causing a lot of noise due to a custom made water/alcohol rocket; a ‘boga’, as they call it, or whatever. and also being drunk when it happened — the daughter should have known better than to yell at the elderly. And she yelled at them in English, a second language! We’re Filipinos, and to be able to know how to speak in English is a sign of privilege. It means that you have been taught, that you have been able to learn a different language; the universal language, for crying out loud. This child, by the book, is considered smart. So to use it in such a way like this is really what tips me off with the whole situation.

Looking at it in the grand scheme of things, what did our national hero believe in? ‘The children are our future’. Right? Right. So to know that and believe that, and then suddenly see something as insubordinate as this, you gotta ask yourself: “If the children are our future, what future are we actually talking about here?”.

It’s was something to think about, and now it’s something to be afraid of. Not saying that we can’t escape a dystopian version of ‘the children are our future’, but if we allow the children to do these kinds of things and get away with it, then we won’t be able to escape it in the future. Because we are constantly making it lead up to that.

Written: Wednesday. December 23, 2020.

Something I forgot to mention in the past entry was that my dad wanted to buy a two terrabyte (I dunno if that’s the correct spelling) flashdrive, and we ordered two of them, got it the other day, and ultimately got scammed for it.

If you’re going to buy a flashdrive, make sure that it’s only up to 32GB. That’s the safest you’ll get to a flashdrive with “big” storage. A 64GB is fine, but you’re still risking a lot of files for that.

You know what, don’t even consider flashdrives as a solid storage space for your files. It’s prone to getting lost or left somewhere. It’s got a limited writing capability (which means if you write on it too much, it breaks and you can’t write on it anymore). It’s better to have an external harddrive, rather than have multiple flashdrives.

I need not say more about the 2TB flashdrive, honestly. It’s a piece of shit. Can’t put shit on it. Waste of fucking money. Period.

In other news, The Mandalorian Season 2 was fucking great. It’s the best Star Wars related media I’ve seen in a while. The new trilogy ended poorly. J.J. Abrams should never have returned to direct the movie. We were robbed.

But The Mandalorian was a complete package for a Star Wars series.

In other news (again), I’ve been doing some pixel art again. Well, re-doing some pixel art I’ve made in the past, in preparation of re-doing my Instagram account. I changed my account name to pixel.omle. It’s dope. It’s got nothing on it so far. Technically, it does, but everything’s archived.

I’m gonna post shit on the Facebook Page that I made, since I’m not putting new playthroughs there anyway.

Written: Friday. December 25, 2020.

Don’t really know what to write today. It’s Christmas, so my mind’s probably on “OFF MODE” right now. I just wanna play Pokemon Rom Hacks. That’s been something I’ve been spending my time on lately.

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