Inner Machinations: Entry_021.

Written: Monday. December 7, 2020.

Elmo's Universe
4 min readDec 11, 2020

Yesterday, I was able to secretly go outside of the house in order to ride a bike alongside my dad. It’s been too long since I’ve experienced the fresh air of the outside world, ever since the pandemic arrived and changed everything. It was a nice stroll that we did. My dad taught me a few things whilst we were riding our bikes.

My dad, you see, has been this new enthusiast when it comes to bicycles. It started a few months ago, you see. He was in need of a new mode of transportation (since jeepneys were at a scarcity, and the virus — everywhere), and had the idea of buying a bicycle to compensate getting to the bus which takes him to his workplace.

He did that, and has since bought about ten bikes or so. Several, he had already sold to a few buyers.

That was the highlight of what occurred in the recent days.

Another thing to mention is the factor in which I’ve started live-streaming on Facebook, but with my mobile device. I stopped streaming on YouTube, and transferred to Facebook. Everybody’s doing it, and the urge to do so has sort of developed in me as well.

I’m streaming Clash Royale for now. I’m thinking of streaming Vanguard Zero, but not yet. I’m also in the process of another Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge. I decided on dropping the one I did on my channel, in favor of a condensed video telling the tale of my adventure towards this self-imposed game challenge.

Taking queues from JaidenAnimations, I’ll be doing a similar Nuzlocke video, but probably with lesser animations. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do. For now, I’m still in the process of playing a full Nuzlocke game.

I also, just to change subject, cleaned my bookshelves today.

Written: Thursday. December 10, 2020.

On Tuesday, I was able to ride a bike with my dad again, even though it was just for a brief moment. My mom found out about that cause my dad actually revealed it to her. It’s not that I’m not allowed to go outside. But going outside THESE DAYS is as risky as can be.

On the same Tuesday, after the biking session, I proceeded to make another attempt at a Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge. This time, I did it. I did the work, I edited the video, and I started exporting the video…using my laptop. And I started it at around 1 AM maybe.

On Wednesday morning, I awoke to what looked to be 22 percent of exported data. Apparently my laptop can never, and SHOULD NEVER, be used to export such long video ever again. I’ve learned my lesson.

But with that, I was able to spend the whole Wednesday not in front of my laptop watching Anime or looking through social media. Instead, I cleaned my shelves, rearranged them, reminisced, and read a lot of chapters on the books I’m currently reading (which is still Fires of Heaven and Three Musketeers. These are long-ass novels).

Today, I was able to upload the first Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke Episode on my YouTube Channel. And I also uncluttered my laptop’s storage, and backed up the necessary files that I’ll probably not want to lose in the future (meaning the inevitable future where my laptop retires).

All is well today. And I feel like taking a nap.

Written: Friday. December 11, 2020.

Irregardless of whether or not I’ve said it already in the journal, I’ve been watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. It’s a Mecha Anime, similar to Voltes V and Daimos. It probably aired around the same decade or so as Voltes V, or maybe a bit later, I dunno.

But Evangelion is way better in terms of storytelling and animation. The animation is ten times better than Voltes V’s level of animation. Like, there’s no argument to it. The plot is honestly a bit muddy (I’ve only watched until episode 8 so far, so bear this in mind), but the way the anime is presented, it is more character-driven, I would say. Which makes for better storytelling.

Voltes V is good with Plot, but when it comes to the characters, they’re as good as cardboard. Daimos almost had good characters, but fell short in the middle until the end. They sort of wanted you to empathize with Kazuya and Erika’s love for each other, and the dire situation that they’re unfortunately in throughout the series.

But Neon Genesis Evangelion is this mecha anime that feels like you could smell the atmosphere of its world. It’s slow-paced most of the time, but I honestly like it that way. It’s not the kind of mecha where each episode they gotta deal with a new giant monster terrorizing the city. Well, they do that, but it sort of becomes just bonus flavor for the story. Evangelion, to me, is like a Coming-of-Age story, but with big robots. That’s how I would describe this anime.

As for other related news, I’m still in the process of my ruby nuzlocke challenge. The editing portion of this project is the harder thing to get done, really. A video is almost one hour, or even an hour plus, and the exporting process takes six hours on the regular desktop that we have. And it took a whole day when I attempted to export the first video on my laptop.

I took two naps today, so I’ll probably do one play-through session before going to sleep again. I’ll probably not be able to sleep until 4 AM again.