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Written: Monday. December 1, 2020.

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4 min readDec 4, 2020


So I’m back at this. Back at it again with the journaling sessions. It’s been a month of doing absolutely nothing. Well, not really nothing, but the things I did are technically things that would not affect or change my existence in any way possible, or affect the future, to say. I just watched a lot of Naruto the whole month. It’s like I decided halfway through to the month that I’d drop everything I was currently doing and just focus on watching anime and playing a few video games here and there. Like a break. A legitimate break.

But now it’s December. I’ve shaved my No Shave Novembeard, and I’m feeling productive again. It’s not the kind of forced productivity feeling that I’ve had multiple times in the past. It’s sort of a fresh feeling of wanting to do things in my day; things that matter.

Not that I’m saying that everything that I did in the span of November was worth nothing. It was worth every second, honestly. I sort of felt that phase coming to its end a week or so before November 30. In my head, I was thinking that I should make these days worth it. I should really just give in to doing nothing but watch, and not worry about doing things like reading or writing or making something productive or whatever. And I did that. I did exactly that. I wasted a month of my time focused on doing nothing. Focused on being unfocused.

So going back, I watched Naruto, and then Shippuden, and then I’m currently in the process of catching up to the Boruto anime. I neglected on reading and writing anything because I knew that somehow if I did those things while consuming an immense amount of anime, I’d falter in those things. But yeah, now that I’m back to it, I’ll be writing again regularly in this medium account.

I’ll probably just watch 3–5 episodes today. I’m reading again, so I gotta give time to be able to read at least three chapters a day. Mind you, these are Epic Fantasy Chapters. So one chapter is like 30–55 minutes to read. Plus, I’m reading another book as an alternative (Three Musketeers; Classic). So that alone too is a bit of work to read cause of the difference of writing styles through the ages.

I think another reason why I wanted to dedicated the whole November to doing nothing is because I received a new bluetooth controller. So I was fixated on playing video games the whole month, whilst watching Anime.

This whole month felt similar to a time when I still didn’t care about the world and what was happening to it. My only problems were video games and watching cartoons or anime.

These are good times, despite what has happened (and still happening). And we should cherish it.

Anyway, I’ll probably end this entry for now, and come back tomorrow. And then post this on Friday.

Written: Thursday. December 3, 2020.

I have now entered a new phase. The phase of live streaming. I don’t know if I’ll stay here for long, but this is the current location to which I am in.

I streamed a Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke challenge last night and I gotta say, it was actually interesting.

I sort of thought that nobody would ever watch the stream, so I had the mind set that I would just lay back and do nothing the whole stream. Unfortunately (though rather actually fortunate to happen), a few people dropped by the stream and started chatting.

So I had to like switch back into a mode of “oh, people are watching me…gotta put a happy mask on” or some bullshit like that.

It was exhausting by the end. But I’m looking forward to tonight. I hope that someone actually drops by again.

In other news, I’m back into reading regularly. I kind of missed a chapter read yesterday, and was just able to finish two chapters, because of the stream (which took like almost two hours).

I’m also kind of fixated on this app called Lyka. It’s a local app, with local users, and local shindigs. It’s basically if Instagram paid you for each like, each post, each story that you provide in the app. It doesn’t even matter what kind of content you post/share. It’s gonna give you gems irregardless of the post.

This is like the idea I’ve always been thinking of and have lost sleep because of.

The idea goes like this: What if there’s a way for you to gain money (digital money) by doing random tedious things, like dropping by a website every now and then, or finishing a video or a stage of a game, or play a bunch of arcade video game apps or whatever. You’d get points, which would then be converted into digital money, which is just as equally valuable as real money?

Versions of this idea is already being done in Shoppee, Lazada, and every other online shopping app out there. But Lyka, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to do any games, doesn’t provide you with a digital plant that you’d have to raise for a few days to get seed points or something. It just gives you points (money) for the most mundane things that we already do every single day in this modern day future-world.

I can’t believe that anyone had the guts to do this and get away with it without any consequences. It’s almost too good to be true. TOO good.

Written: Friday. December 4, 2020.

The live stream sessions are doing fine. The Barnyard stream isn’t doing well, so I’m gonna stop that stream to focus on Pokemon Ruby. Cause that stream actually gets viewers.

Anyway, not much to say for now. I’m reading well. I did some exercise awhile ago. And that’s about it, really. No major events are happening so far.

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