Inner Machinations: Entry_019.

*must remember to post this on Thursday*

Finished watching Daimos, gave up on downloading Naruto off of torrent and settled for individual downloads, and placed a mount over my bed so that I could watch and play without holding my phone up all the time.

That’s about all the interesting things that I’ve done so far in the last two weeks. I’m currently doing a new series of videos pertaining to my play-through sessions of text-adventure games on mobile. I haven’t written anything new in the text-adventure game that I’m making. I’m still reading Three Musketeers and Fires of Heaven. And I think, due to my lack of typing these past few weeks, my fingers are doing the equivalent of stuttering. It’s like muscle memory is not a thing for my hands lately.

Anyway, those are about the only things I’m able to think about to share in this journal. Nothing is new. It’s still a Pandemic. It’s still the same bullshit.

One thing I’ve been doing though is I’m getting back into editing videos. I did this video edit of Legend of Korra, in the style of the Raya and the Last Dragon trailer. It was pretty dope, and I’ve gotten half a thousand views for it on YouTube already. The second video edit that I made will never see the light of YouTube, cause it’s got a song in the background and YouTube is bullshit when it comes to those things.

It was a Justice League trailer & Kanye West’s Selah mash-up video. I wanted to do that edit cause I just thought that song was such a fitting track for the Snyder Cut trailer (since Hallelujah and Selah both have Hallelujah in the lyrics).

It’s just sad that I could only post it freely on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, I’ve been thinking of fixing the way it looks. Meaning, I’ll have to remove all of it, and then post it in a very stylized way. I’m only thinking about for now. Cause doing it would mean that I should have new posts in store. I do not have new posts ready yet.

Written: Monday. October 26, 2020.

Been watching Naruto again lately. It’s really a spirit booster watching the old series. I cold really relate to Naruto and how he has such a ‘hard mode’ thing going for him in his childhood. He’s resented by most of the villagers of the Leaf Village, is despised by the people around him, and they don’t believe he’ll ever do anything good cause he keeps messing up all the time.

But knowing how this story ends, I watch this with the asset of knowing that Naruto will soon make them all eat their words, and that he will be Hokage one day. Believe it!

It fills me up with energy for doing more right now. Especially during these times.

Anyway, I’ve been playing PSP games on my phone nonstop today. I know that’s sort of invalidates the first topic, but hear me out first. I mentioned that I placed a mount above my bed so that I won’t have to hold my phone and just have my hands on the controller. Well, since I also fixed my controller’s broken L & R buttons yesterday too, I’m now able to play PSP games easily again.

I still want a new controller though. This side-story’s still pending. I’ll talk about it once something new happens.

Written: Thursday. October 29, 2020.

I literally had to wait a minute before starting this entry, cause I literally opened this passage again at 11:59 pm of October 28.

Here we are in a new day. I’ve been doing better. Not a lot, but better. I’ve been focused on watching Ben 10 Omniverse and Naruto lately. I know that watching shows or cartoons sounds like procrastination (it is), but that’s not the point. The point is that I’m binge-ing through these shows so that I could absorb more stock knowledge. This is the same as why we consume food, why we read text books in class, or why we need to sleep. It’s because or bodies and our minds need these things. It’s only because we’re human that we are incapable of living without them. But because we are human, and because we consume and consume and consume, we get to do a lot, we get to learn a lot, we get to apply a lot of what we learn, and we get to show the world what the world has offered to us back.

I don’t know if that rambling made sense. But it was hella cool to write. I’m currently listening to a Naruto LoFi compilation by the way. It comes with watching Naruto, I guess. I’m just so inspired and motivated because of Naruto and his friends.

Today, I also did another video for the channel. Nothing interesting about that. I literally fucking hate playing Game of the Gods (the text-adventure game I’m doing a play-through on). It’s part of the series I’m doing that pertains to text-adventure games in the play store.

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